Velociraptor: The Speedy Tale
Velociraptor: The Speedy Tale

Velociraptor: The Speedy Tale

Miles Kelly
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Part of our Dinosaur Adventures series, Velociraptor – The Speedy Tale is the perfect picture book for dinosaur lovers aged 3+.

Children will fall in love with the story of Vicky the Velociraptor loves to race through life, but it often gets her into trouble. Will she ever learn to slow down and find her family again?

Brought to life by enchanting dinosaur artwork, this book is a feast for toddlers' eyes and their imaginations. Each prehistoric scene is packed with charming dinosaur characters and lots of details for tiny hands to point out. 

Product Details:

Author: Fran Bromage
Illustrator: Louise Forshaw
Pages: 24pp
Age: 3+
Size: 260 x 260 mm
Format: Paperback