The Geronimo Stilton Collection: Series 3

The Geronimo Stilton Collection: Series 3

Geronimo Stilton
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Meet Geronimo Stilton (The Indiana Jones of the Mouse world!) the famouse journalist, who although is of the quiet (and frightened way too easily) mousey kind, always finds himself in THE MOST ridiculously terrifying adventures one could only imagine, and all just to find the next hot story for his newspaper, The Rodent s Gazette!

About Series 3
Join Geronimo as he reluctantly hunts for sunken treasure, dabbles in some ghost hunting, explores a mysterious pirate shipwreck and enters himself into a high-stake TV contest to win back enough money to save his business!

Humorous stories and engaging illustrations make these a perfect read for 5 to 8 year olds

Series 3 includes the following 10 books:

  • The Search for Sunken Treasure
  • The Mouse Island Marathon
  • The Temple of the Fire Ruby
  • Merry Christmas, Geronimo!
  • The Mystery of the Roaring Rat
  • Surf's Up, Geronimo!
  • The Mona Mousa Code
  • Shipwreck on Pirate Island
  • The Ghost of the Underground
  • A Cheese-Coloured Camper Van

    Ages: 7 to 10 years