Stitch Head Series Books 1 - 6 Collection Box Set by Guy Bass

Stitch Head Series Books 1 - 6 Collection Box Set by Guy Bass

Guy Bass
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Stitch Head: 1
Deep in the maze-like dungeons of Castle Grotteskew, insane Professor Erasmus created Stitch Head, a small, almost-human creature. His experiments continued, filling the castle with creations so fabulously monstrous that Stitch Head.

The Pirate's Eye: 2
Re-join Stitch Head, a mad professor’s forgotten creation, as he steps out of the shadows into the adventure of an almost-lifetime…When Stitch Head sees his ice-blue eye for the very first time, he’s convinced that it once belonged.

The Ghost of Grotteskew: 3
The ghost of a villainous ne’er-do-well is haunting the corridors of Castle Grotteskew, gunning for Stitch Head’s heart … and soul. Certain that his heart once belonged to the vicious rogue, Stitch Head’s world is torn apart.

The Spider's Lair: 4
When Arabella lands up in the orphanage, Stitch Head leaves Grotteskew and its creatures behind and sets out on a daring rescue. But a far more gruesome monster awaits, and soon Stitch Head is trapped in its web with no chance of escape…

The Beast of Grubbers Nubbin: 5
The orphans at Castle Grotteskew are running riot ... and getting hungry. With no food in the castle, Stitch Head and Arabella head down to Grubbers Nubbin to see what they can pilfer, but there they encounter a terrifying, savage beast.

The Monster Hunter: 6
When an unexpected visitor crash-lands on top of Castle Grotteskew, Stitch Head knows it can only mean trouble. Eccentric explorer, Dotty Dauntless, has bet her fortune on delivering a monster to the Venture Club.

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Format : Paperback

Language : English

Age Group : 7-11 years

Publisher : Little Tiger Press