Questions & Answers: Animals
Questions & Answers: Animals
Questions & Answers: Animals

Questions & Answers: Animals

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Questions and Answers Animals encyclopedia for kids is a fantastic book to get young minds thinking about the world around them and the wildlife that inhabits it.

  • Q and A format appeals to the way young children approach new ideas
  • Bright photos, illustrations and fun cartoons explain the facts
  • Simple activities throughout to help kids put new ideas into context

With superb artwork, amazing photographs and fun cartoons, Questions and Answers Animals promotes fun, interactive learning for children aged 5–8. Every question is clearly answered to give young learners a basic understanding of the facts. Simple activities to do at home and standalone fascinating facts entertain the most reluctant of readers. 

Product Details:

Authors: Camilla de la Bedoyere, Anna Claybourne, Jinny Johnson
Pages: 96
Age: 5–8
Size: 297 x 228 mm
Format: Paperback om iridescent foil