My World Plains Indians

My World Plains Indians

K Hayden
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My name is white buffalo and I live on the Great Plains in North America. Mett My brother Chased-by-Bears and his Friend Eagle Dog. We will show you what it's Like to live in our world. 

visit my tipi, hunt wild buffalo and discover how a sioux warrior lives.

learn our sign language and find out  how to make a sioux whistle.

Read the legen of the white buffalo calf and find out how I got my name. 

My World is a new and exciting series which explores past worlds through the eyes of a child. simple model-making projects based on original artefacts help bring the past alive and offer a unique Educational experience for Children.

Product Details:
Audience: Children
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 32
Publisher : Two-Can Publishing