Magic Ballerina Collection (22 books)
Magic Ballerina Collection (22 books)

Magic Ballerina Collection (22 books)

Daisy Meadows
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Join the Magic Ballerina princesses as they share 22 different adventures in this beautiful book collection!

Ballerinas Delphie, Rosa, Holly and Jade all share different stories and times at the Ballet from Masked Balls to Ice Palaces! Completely thrilling with easy-to-read, accessible text, they are full of fun and will appeal to any child who has just started to read independently.

With 22 books to get through, this is a massive collection of fantastic stories. Who will be your child's favourite ballerina?
  • Delphine and the Magic Ballet Shoes
  • Delphine and the Magic Spell
  • Delphine and the Masked Ball
  • Delphine and the Glass Slipper
  • Delphine and the Fairy Godmother
  • Delphine and the Birthday Show
  • Rosa and the Secret Princess
  • Rosa and the Golden Bird
  • Rosa and the Magic Moonstone
  • Rosa and the Special Prize
  • Rosa and the Magic Dream
  • Rosa and the Three Wishes
  • Holly and the Dancing Cat
  • Holly and the Silver Uniform
  • Holly and the Magic Tiara
  • Holly and the Rose Garden
  • Holly and the Ice Palace
  • Holly and the Land of Sweets
  • Jade and the Enchanted Wild
  • Jade and the Surprise Party
  • Jade and the Silver Flute
  • Jade and the Carnival

Ages: 5 years +