Frankie's Magic Football Collection
Frankie's Magic Football Collection

Frankie's Magic Football Collection

Frank Lampard
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When Frankie wins a tatty old football from the local fair, he and his friends can't resist one quick kick-around at the park on their way home. Before they know it, Frankie, Charlie, Louise and dog Max find themselves whisked away to strange and unusual places where they must face off with ancient Romans, angry pirates, and many more in the fantasy league. If they win, Frankie's FC get to play another game. If they lose,'s the long walk off a short plank for them all.

This is a great series for kids ready to move on from large format picture books. A mere 80 pages of largish text, accompanied by Mike Jackson's fun illustrations, make this perfect for boys and girls who are just finding their feet when it comes to reading, and especially those who are football fans!


Author Frank Lampard is a footballer, father, and author of the "Frankie's Magic Football" series. To date, Frank remains Chelsea Football's Club's all-time leading goal scorer, where he was awarded three times Chelsea Player of the Year.

Product Details:

  • the first 12 exciting books in the series
  • a free football kit bag