Fire Djinn
Fire Djinn

Fire Djinn

Linda Davies
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"Dubai's Harry Potter" Emirates Today
"A joyful fantasy… steeped in the heritage of the region. Wonderful." Time Out Dubai

The Prince of Atlantis is back. His powers are growing, but so is the threat…

Finn Kennedy, his cousin Georgina and their friend Fred are camping at night in the deserts of Dubai when an unseen Voice reveals to them a horrific vision foretelling the end of the world. The Voice cries out for LightFighters to enter the battle and free him. Finn, Fred and Georgie, LightFighters all of them, cannot turn away. Once more, they leave their normal lives behind to embark upon an adventure that takes them beyond the boundaries of this world into the terrifying kingdom of the Dark Fire Djinn…

The second instalment of Linda Davies’ celebrated Djinn Quartet. Join Finn, Georgie and Fred on their epic adventure through the seas, mountains and wild deserts of Arabia as the children fight to save their world from Dark power in Sea Djinn, Fire Djinn, Storm Djinn and King of the Djinn.

“Five Star. Thrilling, beautifully written book for children. Adults will secretly read it too.” You Magazine
“An epic book that starts with a bang and burns through its pages to a satisfying conclusion…” Teenlibrarian
"Ingenious." Sunday Express

Product Details:

Ages: 8 to 12 years

Paperback: 337 pages

Publisher: Egmont

Dimensions: 13.34 x 2.16 x 20.32 cm