Edge Monsters Like US Lost in The Woods

Edge Monsters Like US Lost in The Woods

Steve Barlow & Steve Skidmore
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Monsters Like Us follows the adventures of monster misfits Danny (a demon), Lin (a werewolf) and Sam (a zombie) as they attempt to get through school without eating the teachers, running wild or raising hell.

In Lost in the Woods, it's adventure day for Hangem High. But when Clogger gets the class lost in the forest, the three monster friends come to the rescue.

Each Monsters Like Us story features an accessible storyline in a familiar setting, and is ideal for guided reading with struggling readers, as confidence-building independent reads, and for EAL pupils. 

Product Details:

Format : Paperback
Language : English
Pages : 30 pages
Age Group : 4-8years
Dimension : 9 x 7in
Publisher : Hachette Children's Group