Choosing Crumble

Choosing Crumble

Michael Rosen
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Terri-Lee is applying for a new job. She arrives at the pet shop and is led into a back office for her interview. Apple Crumble, the dog, is sitting behind the desk. Crumble grills Terri-Lee about his basket, vet trips, what he'll get to eat and not running too fast. Crumble is very particular about his owners, will Terri-Lee's dance moves and tickling be enough to convince Crumble that she should get the job?

Radio broadcaster, poet, and whirlwind performer Michael Rosen makes young audiences howl with laughter. He is an astonishingly prolific writer for both children and adults. 

Product Details:

Ages: 4-6 years
Softcover: 80 pages
Publisher: Andersen Press
Dimensions: 190 x 131mm