100 Facts Penguins
100 Facts Penguins
100 Facts Penguins

100 Facts Penguins

Miles Kelly
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100 Facts Penguins is bursting with incredible images, fun activities and awesome facts for kids to learn everything they need to know about these fascinating birds.

  • Kids learn more easily with bite-sized information
  • Photographs and artworks aid children who learn through visual prompts
  • Activities allow children to put what they have learned into practice 

100 Facts Penguins includes key topics about the icy world of penguins in easily-digestible, numbered facts. Every page is covered in amazing illustrations and photographs that clarify difficult points for children. This interesting penguin book for children aged 7+ is perfect for the classroom and home.

      Product Details

      • Pages: 48
      • Age: 7+ years
      • Size: 297 x 228 mm
      • Format: Paperback with holographic foil