The Dork Diaries Collection
The Dork Diaries Collection
The Dork Diaries Collection
The Dork Diaries Collection

The Dork Diaries Collection

Rachel Renée Russell
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Meet Nikki Maxwell and prepare to read some truly a-dork-able stories - including (for the first time in paperback) Frenemies Forever - with this 10-book collection of Dork Diaries stories by Rachel Renee Russell.

Written in a fun-filled diary format, these books offer an insight into the life of the tween dork, Nikki. When she moves to a new school she decides it's the perfect time to leave her old lame ways behind - but things are never that simple.

With fun sketches and doodles, the diary entries find Nikki opening up her heart as she battles with her arch-nemesis Mackenzie over her dreams of becoming a pop star and tackles the subject of love with hilariously dorky consequences.

These books will be enjoyed by any child aged 9 or over who enjoys (or endures!) the sparklier side of tween life.

  • Dork Diaries
  • Dork Diaries: Party Time
  • Dork Diaries:OMG!
  • Dork Diaries: Once upon a Dork
  • Dork Diaries: Pop Star
  • Dork Diaries: Dear Dork
  • Dork Diaries: TV Star
  • Dork Diaries: Skating Sensation
  • Dork Diaries: Holiday Heartbreak
  • Dork Diaries: How To Dork Your Diary

Note: Collection comes as 10 book set without boxed slipcover

Product Details:

  • Age Range: 9 - 13 years
  • Series: Dork Diaries
  • Paperback: Books 1 - 10
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
  • Language: English